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GDV Realty Sdn Bhd is a group of real estate entrepreneur which help people building wealth and achieving financial goals and dreams through philosophy of entrepreneuring in real estate.

Our Services

Auction Property

Properties bought at auction can often represent excellent value. Auctions also often offer a wide variety of properties for sale, from the standard to the more unusual. We would be delighted to discuss the benefits with you.  [Read More]

Sub Sales Property

Buying Sub Sales Property will allow investors to know what they are actually buying into for a completed property and obtain a current environment study for the surrounding occupancy rate, economy, traffic, and many more.  [Read More]

New Property

Malaysia is experiencing major development and economic growth, giving rise to an upturn in its tourist, residential and commercial property markets. It can be tricky to find the right Investment Property because chances are after you heard about a project it’s already to late to invest in it.  [Read More]

Integrated Land Developer

One of the time tested hard assets is Real Estate. Undeveloped or agricultural land is not subject to this kind of volatility and instead, has continuously appreciated at a more stable rate. [Read More]

Commercial Property Investment

Whether you're going straight to the big time or are ready to advance from houses to larger (and more profitable) deals, commercial real estate can be a great way to balance your portfolio. So get ready for a primer on buying commercial properties. [Read More]

Property Refurbish or Upgrading

Refurbishment or upgrading a property is one of the best ways for value stabilization or maximization. Two things that really help you to earn big profit is quality and speed, through with you are able to upgrade a property and sell it. [Read More]